FillMed “Beautif-EYE” & “Nutrineck” Treatment

What is Beautif-EYE?

The Beautif-Eye Treatment uses the tiniest of needles (0.6 of a milimeter) to deposit small papules of the mesotherapy solution NCTF 135 HA under the extremely delicate and thin skin under and around the eye area.

A powerful combination of FILLMED’s NCTF135HA to fine lines and dark circles
around the eye area, together with FILLMED’s Skin Perfusion Eye Recover Mask and led light therapy treatment to finish addresses puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to lift the eyelid, hydrate the eye area and restore radiance.

The Result is a reduction in dark circles, Fine lines and tighter, Brighter skin around the eyes. Improving and restoring elasticity and youth to the eye area.

Beautifeye is not a filler that masks over dark circles, The Beautifeye treatment
with NCTF135HA serum is used to help correct and repair dark circles from within.

About the Procedure

The Beautif-Eye procedure takes around 1 hour. Due to the miniscule size of the needle it is virtually painless and totally safe.

The Treatment includes a FillMed medical grade facial, Glowing Skin Peel, FillMed Rejuvenating Eye Masks And LED Light Therapy Treatment.

Papules may be visible for up to 48 hours but usually start disappearing straight away

We recommend a course of 3 treatments for optimal results followed by a maintenance appoinbtment ever 5/6 months

The procedure is also available for the thin skin on the neck & Decolatage to minimise lines and improve skin firmness and texture.

The Skin Sanctuary only uses the absolute most Premium Mesotherapy cocktails for these procedures by industry leader FillMed, The NCTF 135HA & The M-HA 10.

NCTF135HA Serum

NCTF135ha serum is a unique combination of 59 Active ingredients PLUS hyaluronic acid. CE marked for injection purposes; the Amazing serum cocktail recipe has remained the same since its inception in 1978. It has undergone many studies and trials and is incompatible to other meso type products on the market. The added benefit is that it can be combined with other FILLMED products to give patients true ‘wow’ results. The NCTF135HA Serum is truly world class there is nothing else like it in the industry!

Natural yet effective and ideal for all ages, NCTF is used for the prevention and correction of enlarged pores, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation. NCTF treatments help the skin to retain essential moisture and leave the skin looking glowing, radiant and more youthful. It is used in a range of treatments to address skin concerns on the face, neck, hands and decollete, This beautiful bottle of serum definitely deserves its title as its known in industry “liquid gold”.

Beautif-EYE Treatment £100

Nano NutriNeck
  • (Utilising the same methods to improve the lines and texture of the neck and decolatage.) P.O.A – Dependant upon size of area and amount of product needed.

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